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Video games are now a commonly found in many homes and offices. Their use and sales have increased to a great extent in the recent past. There are some companies which have gained an international popularity and respect in this realm.

Nintendo and Sony are the greatest rivals in this industry. Nintendo recently launched a new video game console which was originally called Revolution. Now it is named as Nintendo Wii. This product was launched on the market in November 2006 but way before that people started waiting for it. Many of the video game lovers were waiting impatiently for the product to be launched. The product claims to provide you a unique video game playing experience. This latest successful product from Nintendo is repeatedly being compared to Sony Playstations.

Wii has been a success as far as the first round of selling is concerned. But the reviews of the product hae not always been that good. The video gamers were waiting for this product for a very long time and it was anticipated that the product will have some unique features which will add to the overall experience of having and playing a video game. Sony’s Ply station 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox are the closest rivals of this game. Many of the reviews clearly state that people like the other two much better than Nintendo Wii.

Although Nintendo is a company that has ruled the video game world for so many years, this time around they have failed to impress the general public with their latest product. Despite their efforts of promoting the product and adding new technology and accessories to the total package, most of the video game players consider that Play station 3 and Xbox are much better video games. Nintendo has disappointed them this time around. The product has simply failed to get approval from the people.

There have been some positive reviews about the Nintendo Wii. People are generally happy with the wireless controllers added to the video game console. Wireless controller and the speakers add additional value and ease of use to the whole package. People like the innovative nature of such products and they have appreciated the same in Nintendo Wii.

As far as the price of the product is concerned the Nintendo Wii is less pricey when compared to Sony video games. Sony Playstation costs you more than double in comparison to the Nintendo Wii. Sony may have a better processor in thier system, but Nintendo wins the game sometimes just because it is cheaper than Sony. This allows for the purchase of more games, and isn't that really an important part of owning a videogame unit?

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