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The Wii U controller, revealed! (video)

The Wii U controller, revealed! (video) Whoa! The rumors turned out to be true: a 6.2-inch screen will be built into the controller for Nintendo's next-generation Wii U console.


Nintendo launches black Wii; Limbaugh sees racism

Today the Nintendo company announced that it has developed a new black version of its popular white Wii gaming system. Radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed his anger at the news. "Nintendo is very desirous that a black gaming system do well.

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In the world of gaming, the motion wars are in full effect.


Will Anyone Buy a 3D Nintendo DS?

Imagine picking up a Nintendo DS and playing games in 3D without the clunky, dork-tastic glasses.


Rare Nintendo game is $40,000 windfall

Impressed by the story of the North Carolina eBay seller who stumbled upon an ultra-rare, $13,000 Nintendo game? So were we -- and so was Kansas reader Dave, who headed for his basement to see if there was video game gold lurking down there.


NPD: October video game sales drop 19 percent

After a slight reprieve in September, U.S. video game sales slumped once again in October, hurt by the economic turmoil that's cutting into consumer spending.


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