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Kinect vs. Move vs. Wii: Fight!

Can you hear it? The three heavy weight contenders in the rock 'em sock 'em world of video gaming are duking it out in the center ring. And the crowds are going wild!


Can Sony 'Move' hardcore gamers?

Any seasoned gamer who owns a Wii is probably familiar with this scenario. Family has come to visit and so you bust out the “Wii Sports” and start in with a round of boxing. You, with years of gaming under your belt, hold the motion controller


Police Release Names In Child's Accidental Death

A Wilson County neighborhood has been mourning since the Sunday night death of a young child. Three-year-old Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan accidentally shot and killed herself.


Mix-up between Nintendo Wii video game, gun blamed in child's shooting death

NORENE, TN - A mix-up between a Wii game and a .380 caliber pistol led a 3-year-old to pluck the real gun from an end table and shoot herself in the abdomen, ending her life, Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said.


Next Generation Games: No Controller Needed

The massive success of the Nintendo Wii proved the appeal of motion-controlled gaming. Now Softkinetic, a company based in Belgium, is working to let video-game players use a wider range of more-natural movements to control the on-screen action.


Unboxing The Super Famicom Classic Controller For Wii

Have you put in your preorder for the Super Famicom Classic Controller yet? No? Well, you better do it quick, as the limited edition controller is a Japan-only Club Nintendo exclusive, and you likely won't be able to buy one months from now without spendi


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