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Sports Games included with the Nintendo Wii

Today's game console player isn't satisfied with just any product, they want quality, versatility, and variety in the games they purchase. No product in the recent past has done well in the market without being innovative. There are so many companies operating in each productís market that they can only remain in competition if they remain innovative enough to stay ahead of their competitors. Same is the case with the video games market. The leaders are there with their strong market shares just because they believe in improvement of products. The innovative nature of their products makes them a success in the market.

Nintendo Wii is the recent video game console launched by the Nintendo Company. This company is a giant in the video game world. Along with other attractions in the package being offered by the Nintendo Wii, the sports games are the hottest one. The inclusion of these games to the total package has resulted in increased sales of the product.

The new technology is involved while you play tennis on Nintendo Wii. The famous motion detector Controller is involved. The swing and movement of your hand with the remote in it will be recorded. This movement will be then translated to the movement of the gameís character. For example, you will have to move your hand to serve while playing tennis. More than one player can play this game if you want to. This flexibility is liked well by the video game players.

When you try to play Baseball with the help of Nintendo Wii, You will have to pitch and bat. The remote will be used as your baseball bat and the motion detector will record your shots. Even pitching is to be done in the same way. The speed of your movement will determine the speed of the ball. Nintendo Wii baseball is a three innings baseball game. Thus it is a good practice game if you want to play baseball. Many of the video gamers enjoy playing sports games on Nintendo Wii than on any other console.

You can enjoy bowling if you have a Nintendo Wii. The motion detector will detect your movement and the direction and speed of the bowl will be decided by your movement. The B-Button on the remote is used to release the ball from your hand. The spin can be adjusted by moving the player in the game. Four people can play the game at one time.

Golf and Boxing are also included in the list of sports game which you can play on Nintendo Wii. The speed of golf ball and the direction in which you plan to hit the ball will be determined by the movement of the remote control. Nunchuks, on the other hand, will help you with the boxing game. Nunchuks and remote are to be used to punch and block your opponent while boxing.

The market will continue to grow with each new innovative concept that is introduced into the video game market. We can expect Nintendo's Wii to be a strong part of the emerging video game market.

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