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Nintendo Wii: US Market Saturation

There is no doubt that the Nintendo Wii has been a recent success in the video game world. The Nintendo Wii has proved itself to be a huge success all around the world in fact. On November 14, 2006 this amazing hit video game console was launched in United States of America. Originally the game was called Revolution but for marketing purposes it was changed to Nintendo Wii before the game was launched in the North American region. When the game was launched in the USA it was claimed by the company that six million of its copies will be sold around the globe. The company has stood true to its words. They have already sold more than a million in very little time span.

The package of the Nintendo Wii being sold in the US is a very impressive one. It has the console in it, as well as many accessories and added items. The sensor bar, Remote of Wii, Nunchuk, Wii sports Disc, Wii stand, AC adapter and AV cable are also included. The controller is the feature in the Wii which is liked by almost everybody who has played this game. The total package offered in the US is a bit more pricey. As a solution to this problem the company is now offering the console separately as well.

The console itself is very important as it is the actual operating system of the game. It is a light weight object but it is highly technical. It is a nice to look at type stuff. It was awarded The Best Show award in 2006. The console has an optical media bay which helps you connect it to Wii discs.

Even at a distance of 30 feet, the blue-tooth technology allows the Wii remote to send and receive signals. The game you are playing will have some characters. The movement of these characters can be remote controlled by using this device. This is one of the reasons for the success of this game internationally.

The Nunchuk is also an added feature to the whole package of Nintendo Wii being sold in the US. The Nunchuk uses the same technology as the Wii remote. It also has an analog remote which helps you handle the characters movement in the game. These are little technical devices but these actually are the reason of the huge success of this video game in the market.

The Wii sports disc helps you play the games like tennis, bowling, golf and boxing etc. The technical features help you play it while having more fun. The movement detector is the main source of fun in this regard. Due to these and other features of the bundle being offered to the North Americans, the game is high selling. Many of the retail stores were already out of stock before this product ever hit the shelves.

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