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Nintendo Wii News

Nintendo says Wii U won't spell end of Wii era

It’s common knowledge that talk is cheap, but right now Nintendo is saying that they will continue to support the original Wii even after its successor, the Wii U is released next year.


Nintendo Gets Serious About Streaming, Announces Hulu Plus Will Soon Hit The Wii, 3DS | TechCrunch

Hulu Plus has long been missing from the Wii leaving Netflix as the only major streaming service on the gaming console. But that changes soon. Nintendo just announced that Hulu Plus will soon be available on both the Wii and the 3DS.


Nintendo Wii price drops below $150; includes 'Mario Kart'

Nintendo, eager to stoke Wii sales, is offering its market-leading Nintendo video game system in a package that cuts the price to less than $150.


Nintendo says successor to Wii coming in 2012

Nintendo says the successor to the hit Wii console will arrive next year, but isn't saying anything about what the new system will do.


Nintendo 3DS handheld pre-order sales rank in top 20

Handheld video hardware highly anticipated.


U.S. Video Game Sector Retail Sales Up 4% In February

While people are in revolution to establish democracy in the middle east, many Americans are enjoying the distraction of video games.


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